Horizon University participates in institutional assessment and outcome tracking in order to collect and analyze data for the purpose of identification and implementation of policy, practices, and procedures that result in improvements in both the student experience and Horizon University’s educational effectiveness.

A summary of this information is made available to the public each year within 60 days of receipt of the data from our Institutional Effectiveness consultant (see PDF links below) and annual reporting to the Association of Biblical Higher Education (see table below).

Statement of Educational Effectiveness:

2019 Assessment Summaries

Reported Outcomes:

2017 2018 2019
GPA Average 3.25 3.18 3.08
Christian Service (% students completing requirement)  100% 100% 100%
First Time / Full Time (FT/FT) Cohorts
1st year Retention rate (of cohorts from prior year’s fall enrollment) 0% (0 of 1) Fall 2016 cohort No Fall 2017 cohort No Fall 2018 cohort
Completion rate (% students completing within time allotted – 150% full time degree length) 0% (0 of 1) Fall 2011 cohort No Fall 2012 cohort 50% (1 of 2) Fall 2013 cohort
Graduation Rates
Graduate completion rate (all students in graduating class completing within 150% of the allotted time for degree) 80% (8 of 10) 100% (3 of 3) 100% (3 of 3)
Graduates currently employed in a degree program related profession 50% n/a n/a
Graduates from 2015, 2016 & 2017 that enrolled in a graduate level degree program 30% n/a n/a