Audit a Class

If you have a desire to continue the learning process in your life and don’t need the credits or cost of the accredited course, consider taking that course for audit.

Auditing a course provides an opportunity for personal enrichment and professional development through a regular course, but at a lower cost. Audit attendees may participate in discussions and complete the coursework assigned but do not submit assignments for grading and feedback or take any exams.

Application Fee: $25 (one-time, non-refundable)
Course Audit Fee: $120 per course
Online Access Fee: $50 per semester

Individuals planning to only audit classes must complete the following:

  • Speak with an Admissions representative by phone or through an online informational meeting to discuss your interest in auditing classes
  • Complete the online application titled “Course Audit Application (not for credit)”
  • Pay a one-time online application fee ($25)
  • Submit a class registration “Add/Drop/Withdraw” form to the Administrative Office to specify the class(es) you want to audit (“Add”)
  • Submit course audit fee ($120) along with the technology fee for online classes ($50) when submitting the course registration form.