Bachelor Degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (BABS)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Ministry (BALM)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership (BAOL)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Counseling (BABC)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages (BATESOL)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Chaplaincy (BACH)

Master Degrees

  • Master of Arts, Biblical Studies
  • Master of Arts, Leadership and Ministry
  • Master of Divinity, Biblical Studies
  • Master of Divinity, Leadership and Ministry

Associate Degrees

  • Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies


  • Certificate in Chaplaincy
  • Certificate in Biblical Counseling
  • Certificate in TESOL


The following courses are scheduled to be offered annually during the Fall, Winter and Spring terms to meet degree program requirements.  Additional courses not listed below may also be offered for students to fulfill General Education or Elective course options.  Courses may also be offered during the optional 6-week summer term, when needed.  Note that based on student needs, some courses may not be available for enrollment within a given academic year.  Refer to the most current course catalog for current availability and detailed course descriptions.

Courses are separated into seven categories, each category distinguished by a two-letter prefix, as follows:
BL (Bible)
TH (Theology)
MN (Ministry)
BC (Biblical Counseling)
LD (Leadership)
OS (Organizational Studies)
GE (General Education)

Degree and Certificate programs are referenced by a two or three-letter abbreviation as follows:
ABS (Associate in Biblical Studies)
BBS (Bachelor in Biblical Studies)
BLM (Bachelor in Leadership & Ministry)
BOL (Bachelor in Organizational Leadership)
CC (Certificate in Chaplaincy)
CBC (Certificate in Biblical Counseling)
CT (Certificate in TESOL)
DBS (Diploma of Biblical Studies)

Fall Course Offerings
Code Course Title Degree/Certificate Programs
BL100 Biblical Living: Engaging Faith and Life ABS, BBS, BLM, BOL, CBC, CC
BL190 Biblical Interpretation: Hermeneutics ABS, BBS, BLM, BOL, CBC
BL348 Romans: New Life in the Spirit BBS
BL431 Acts: The Early Church BLM, BOL
GE141 English Composition I ALL
GE145 Intro to Writing and Research ALL
GE243 Critical Thinking ABS, BBS, BLM, BOL
EN250 Second Language Acquisition CT
EN251 (2018-2019) Introduction to English Language and Linguistics CT
LD101 Accountability: Maintaining Your Own & Fostering Others BLM, BOL
LD231 Current Issues in Management BLM, BOL
MN120 Introduction to Discipleship ABS, BBS
MN121 Strategies for International Missions BBS, CT
MN231 Evangelism and Discipleship BLM
OS431 Marketing Concepts & Application BOL
TH210 Introduction to Christian Theology ABS, BLM, BOL, CC
TH211 Theology I BBS
TH221 Church History I ABS, BBS, BLM, BOL
TH232 Biblical Worldview BLM, BOL, CC
Winter Course Offerings
Code Course Title Degree/Certificate Programs
BC101 Introduction to Biblical Counseling CBC
BC203 Methodology in Biblical Counseling CBC
BC355 Crisis and Trauma Counseling CC
BL131 Life of Christ BLM, BOL, CT
BL150 Old Testament Survey ABS, BBS, BLM, BOL, CC
BL203 Dynamics of Biblical Change CBC
BL353 Genesis: Creation and Covenants BBS
EN251 (2019-2020) Introduction to English Language and Linguistics CT
EN261 TESOL Methods I – Teaching Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary CT
EN262 TESOL Methods II – Teaching Reading, Writing, Grammar CT
GE120 Introduction to Ethics ABS, BBS, BLM, BOL, CC
GE212 Intro to Biblical Greek (or alternate Biblical Language course) Humanities Elective
GE280 Introduction to Philosophy ABS, BBS, BLM, BOL
LD331 Biblical Concepts of Leadership BLM, BOL
LD432 Small Groups in the Church BLM
MN211 Foundations of Preaching and Teaching ABS, BBS, BLM
MN430 Spiritual Formation BBS
MN450 Christianity in the Marketplace BBS
MN466 Effective Pastoring BBS
OS231 Accounting for Managers BOL
OS335 Economics & the Manager BOL
OS365 Principles of Management BLM, BOL
TH212 Theology II BBS
Spring Course Offerings
Code Course Title Degree/Certificate  Programs
BC202 Critique of Modern Counseling Theory CBC
BC301 Marriage and Family Counseling CC
BC321 Psychotropic Drugs and Biblical Counseling CBC
BC340 Biblical Counseling Observation CBC
BC341 IABC Exam (Capstone) CBC
BC356 Suicide Counseling CC
BL110 New Testament Survey ABS, BBS, BLM, BOL, CC
BL302 Pastoral Epistles BLM, BOL
BL359 Wisdom Literature of the Bible BLM, BOL
EN255 Cross Cultural Communication CT
EN265 Materials Development CT
EN301 TESOL Certification Practicum CT
GE130 Basic College Math ABS, BBS, BLM, BOL
GE235 Computer Tools for Practical Ministry ABS, BBS, BLM, BOL
GE245 Finite Math ABS, BBS, BLM, BOL
LD431 Case Studies in Leadership BLM, BOL
LD433 Case Studies in Ethics BLM, BOL
LD465 Introduction to Leadership and Administration BBS
MN125 Introduction to Evangelism BBS
MN232 Biblical Counseling BBS, BLM
OS331 Communication Concepts BOL
OS332 Organizational Behavior BLM, BOL
TH200 World Religions ABS, BBS, CT
TH222 Church History II ABS, BBS, BLM, BOL
TH213 Theology III BBS
TH360 Apologetics BBS