Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies (AABS)

The Biblical Studies program offers degrees at both the Associate and Bachelor level. The Biblical Studies degrees offer a biblical foundation for ministry or religious education. Coursework includes biblical hermeneutics and exegesis, biblical languages, theology, ministry, counseling, world religions, ethics, and more.

The Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies is intended for the student who desires a college degree, but does not want or is unable to commit to a four-year program. The AABS degree provides a basic foundation of bible and theology knowledge in addition to a well-rounded general education. Graduates of the program possess effective critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for productive service in the community, the workplace and in the church. Later, if the student wishes, he or she may transfer the credits earned into the biblical bachelor’s degree at Horizon University – or another institution.

Program Objectives

Students pursuing an Associate in Biblical Studies degree will:

  • Increase biblical knowledge, including Old and New Testament, theology, and hermeneutics.
  • Develop and apply attitudes, values and beliefs which are consistent with transformed Christian character.
  • Integrate a broad knowledge base with practical experience that prepares the student for Christian leadership.
  • Develop a missional Christian worldview prepared to engage minds in increasingly globalized organizations and communities in order to win, disciple and send others for Christ.


The Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies includes 60 credits and has these requirements: Bible with Theology and Ministry (45 credits) from the major course sequence below, and General Education (15 credits).  During the final term, the student also completes a Student Ministry Practicum.

Course Sequence

This course registration list represents an ideal sequence for the degree. It is designed to maintain academic integrity while moving degree candidates through the required courses as efficiently as possible: