Diploma in Biblical Studies (DBS) – 57 credits

The Diploma in Biblical Studies is designed for students seeking devoted study of the Bible and an increased walk in their faith and calling. The non-degree CCBCHU diploma program offers a transformational on-campus experience that provides a solid biblical foundation that can be applied later toward a biblical degree if desired. Students are able to enter into Horizon University and specialize in biblical studies without the requirement of the general studies courses required for an associate or bachelor’s degree. Students opting to only attend for two semesters would be considered candidates for a one-year Certificate in Biblical Studies.

Program Objectives

Students pursuing a Diploma in Biblical Studies will:

  • Increase general biblical knowledge with an in-depth understanding of key books of the Bible.
  • Develop and apply attitudes, values and beliefs which are consistent with transformed Christian character.
  • Integrate a specialized biblical foundation with practical experience that prepares the student to serve the body of Christ.
  • Develop a missional Christian worldview to win, disciple and send others for Jesus Christ in increasingly globalized organizations and communities.


The Diploma in Biblical Studies requires a minimum of 57 credits following the course sequence and terms. Courses are offered as outlined below.

Major Course Sequence

This course registration list represents an ideal sequence for the diploma. It is designed to maintain academic integrity while moving diploma candidates through the required courses as efficiently as possible.

Students may enter at any semester within the two-year cycle and must complete all four semesters.

Year 1    
Fall BL108 NT Survey 1 (Matthew – Acts)
BL348 Romans
BL318 Gospel of John
BL100 Biblical Living
GE145 Writing & Research1 or Elective
BL261c2 Numbers
BL314c2 Ephesians
 Spring BL109 NT Survey 2 (Romans – Revelation)
BL112 Acts
MN115 Introduction to Missions
Choose 1:
BC101 Intro to Bib. Counseling
TH160 Intro to  Apologetics
BL324c2 1&2 Corinthians
BL351c2 Daniel


Year 2
Fall BL148 OT Survey 1  (Genesis – Job)
BL353 Genesis
BL190 Biblical Interpretation (IBS) / Hermeneutics
TH220 Church History (overview)
GE145 Writing & Research1 or Elective
BL322c2 Hebrews
BL302c2 Pastoral Epistles
 Spring BL149 OT Survey 2 (Psalms – Malachi)
BL395 Revelation
TH210 Intro to Theology
Electives (minimum one class)
 BL347c2 Philippians & Colossians
 BL357c2 Minor Prophets
 BL135c2 Life of David

1 Students are required to take a three credit GE145 Introduction to Writing & Research, EN111 English Composition or equivalent course within their first fall term of attendance.

Refer to the Catalog for a description of each course offered within our curriculum as well as detailed academic policies and procedures required for degree completion.

 Practical Christian Ministry (Student Ministry Hours)  3 hours / week – Each term
 On-campus Chapel  4 times/week – Each term
 Fall Exodus Journey Retreat  5 day retreat
 Year-end Missions Trip Minimum one trip

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