Basic Tuition:

$265.00 per credit-hour
($795.00 per 3-credit course)

Application Fee:

$50.00 one-time

Tuition and Fees

The following information on tuition and fees applies to the 2021-2022 academic year for all students seeking credit or enrolling in a degree or certificate program.

Application Fee:  $50 (non-refundable) – paid at the time of application

Tuition Costs:  $265.00 per credit ($795.00 per 3-credit course)

Graduate Tuition Costs: $400 per credit hour, $300 one-time Logos subscription fee

Term Registration Fee:  $50 (non-refundable) – per term

Online Access Fee:  $50 (non-refundable) –per term

Student Practicum fee: $100 – Degree seeking students are required to complete a student ministry practicum in their final term of study.  There are no tuition costs associated with the Student Ministry Practicum.

Tuition Payment

Tuition is due at the time of registration and is considered past due 30 days after the first day of the term.  

Tuition Installment Plan: Under certain circumstances, students may be allowed to extend tuition payments over a period of time. The agreed-upon payment plan remains in effect until either the balance is paid in full or the student fails to meet the plan requirements, at which time the balance is due immediately. Please note that students receiving financial aid or G.I. Bill benefits are not eligible for payment plans.

The following rules apply to student accounts with a payment plan in place:

  • The student must pay at least 30% of the total bill for each term upon registration, including all tuition and fees.
  • A payment plan must be established with the Finance office prior to the Add/Drop date for the term.
  • If the student fails to meet the terms of the plan and/or falls behind in payment, the full balance becomes due immediately.
  • Where a payment plan agreement is in place, the student is unable to register for new classes until the balance is satisfied.
  • All grades and transcripts are withheld until payment is made in full.

Tuition Refund Policy

Horizon University operates on a trimester-based calendar (three 12-week terms with an optional 6-week summer term).Please review the academic calendar and the tuition refund policy carefully and contact the administrative offices for clarification, if needed.

In order to be eligible for a tuition refund of any amount, the student must officially withdraw from the course. Official withdrawal is made by completing and signing the Add/Drop/Withdrawal form, and submitting it to the administrative offices by email, U.S. Mail service, or in person. Note that the official date of withdrawal is the date the completed and signed form is received at the administrative offices. Administrative withdrawals (those initiated by the administration rather than the student) are not eligible for refund. When a student completes an Add/Drops/Withdrawal, this action relates to academic standing and the refund schedule may differ.

Tuition Refund Schedule:

    • Day 1 – Day 14 (one-sixth): 100% refunded to the student 
      • (Day 1 – 7 for 6 week courses)
    • Day 15 – Day 28 (one-third): 50% refunded to the student
      • (Day 7 – 14 for 6 week courses)
    • After Day 28: No refund given
      • (Day 14 for 6 week courses)

Please note that all fees (registration, online access, etc.) are non-refundable and due with tuition by the Add/Drop deadline in each offering period.

Please refer to the detailed Academic Calendar for Add/Drop dates and term mid-points.)

(Tuition and fees, as well as refund policies, are subject to change each academic year. Please see the admissions offices with any questions you may have.)

Tuition Reimbursement Plans

Many corporations have programs designed to assist employees as they complete or further their education. Students are encouraged to ask their employer about tuition assistance and/or reimbursement prior to enrollment. It is most common that employer programs offer tuition reimbursement, meaning that the student must satisfy the debt to the school and then seek to be reimbursed by their employer. In all cases, the student is responsible for on-time payment regardless of whether they are seeking reimbursement from their employer or not.

Upon request, the University will provide to the student documentation regarding the enrollment, grades, charges and payment. Students are expected to obtain the required documentation on their own when the information is readily available to the student on My Horizon.

Veterans Education Benefits and Title IV Federal Aid

Horizon University has and maintains a policy for the refund of the unused portion of tuition, and fees, and other charges in the event the veteran or eligible person fails to enter the course or withdraws, or is discontinued at any time prior to the completion of a course. The amount charged to the veteran or eligible person for tuition, fees, and other charges does not exceed the approximate pro-rata portion of the total charges for tuition, fees, and other charges, that the length of the completed portion of the course should bear in relation to its total duration.