The health and wellness of our students is very important to all of us at Horizon University.  Our desire is that students be strong spiritually, mentally/emotionally, and physically.


All of Horizon University’s administrative team as well as class faculty are available anytime a student has a spiritual question or concern. Please make use of the knowledge and experience of these fellow believers!  One of the advantages of being a small university is the ability to make any one of our leadership team available to students any time they have questions. Student’s are encouraged to reach out to any member of Horizon University for spiritual questions or help!

In addition, Horizon University offers Chaplain Services for those who feel they may need them. In addition to providing spiritual encouragement through posting of regular devotions on the My Horizon Activity Feed, the Chaplain makes himself available for those who would like personal, one-on-one biblical counseling for any reason. If you are interested in speaking to the Chaplain, please contact the main office of Horizon University at (800) 553-4674 and ask to be directed to the University Chaplain.

Physical Health

As well as providing spiritual help, Horizon University believes in encouraging the overall physical health of its students.

We’ve selected the following websites because they offer reliable information and useful features. They are sponsored by reputable organizations and are for the most part non-commercial.

As you explore health topics via the internet, please keep in mind that many websites are not reliable, and that no website is a substitute for the advice of licensed medical professionals.

Comprehensive Websites:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Alphabetized health topics, traveler’s health, immunization, news alerts, journals.
  • Family Doctor – Self-care guide, body mass index calculator, “search by symptom,” self-care, when to see a doctor, drug information, website reviews and a family practitioner directory. From the American Academy of Family Physicians.
  • For College Women – “A gateway to reliable, comprehensive, non-commerical health information…Developed by Brandeis University college students for college students everywhere.”
  • Go Ask Alice! – Health question and answer service by the Health Promotion Program at Health Services, Columbia University.
  • HealthFinder – Alphabetical health topics, “check-ups” to assess health and practices, medical dictionaries, encyclopedia, journals, directory of health organizations from the US Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Mayo Clinic – Alphabetical health topics, information about treatment decisions, drugs and supplements, assessments, calculators for BMI, calories and target heart rate.
  • Medical Library Association – Recommends health websites, some by topic, and offers guidelines for evaluating websites.
  • Medfusion  – Create a free iHealthRecord, a confidential interactive record that allows you to store, update and share health information with your physician or in an emergency situation.
  • MedLinePlus – Extensive info including interactive tutorials provided by the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health.
  • Merck Source – Virtual body tours, Merck Manual for health disorders, health encyclopedia, tips for working with your doctor, forms for keeping your own records, plus register to receive the Harvard Health e-Newsletter or customized news based on your interests. Provided by Merck Pharmaceutical.
  • – Personalized food guide pyramid and helps you track dietary and physical activity.
  • Women’s – A gateway to women’s health information resources, with alphabetical health topics, in both English and Spanish, calculators, immunization information, on-line screenings.
  • NOAH: New York Online Access to Health – Collects state, local, and federal health resources. Alphabetical health topics, in both English and Spanish.
  • – Instructions for administering medicines, form for keeping track of your medications, from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.
  • WebMD – Alphabetical health topics, “symptom checker”, drug and herb look-up, newsletters, quizzes, calculators, self-assessments and guides to help you manage your health.
  • Your Disease Risk – Calculate your risk for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and stroke, sponsored by the Harvard School of Public Health.

For General Nutrition, Fitness, Weight Loss, and Inspiration please visit: