Got Credits?

Good for you!  Most students that come to Horizon University bring around 30 credits with them. 

Horizon University accepts transfer students that have previously attended undergraduate degree-granting institutions.  Students transferring in must complete the application process and submit official transcripts for all institutions of higher learning previously attended.  

Academic college courses that meet the criteria for prior credit may be awarded transfer credit toward their Horizon University degree. Horizon University seeks to optimize, where possible, all prior credit earned toward a Horizon University degree.  Academic college courses with a grade of “C” or better for courses equivalent to the specific Horizon University courses may be transferred to the student’s Horizon University transcript of record.


Generous Transfer Allowance

So, it takes 126 credits to graduate from Horizon University.

You are allowed to transfer in up to 90 qualified credits from other institutions, like previous college credits and AP/IB exams.  You’re even allowed transfer of up to  27 credits towards your degrees major course requirements of a bachelors (15 credits towards an associates) degree.

Put all your previous hard work to good use at Horizon University!

Horizon University has a special relationship with CCBC.  If you’ve completed classes at Calvary Chapel Bible College ask us for more details about how to transfer in those credits.